How to Prepare for an Eyelash Extensions Appointment


How to Prepare for Eyelash Extensions

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If this is your first eyelash extension appointment, I know how nerve wracking and anxiety inducing it can be to try something new!

No worries, though, I’m going to teach you exactly how to prepare on the day of your appointment.

These steps are important to ensure the best results on a full set of lashes.

Top tips for your first lash appointment:

  • Make sure you do your research and find a professional lash technician who’s work you really love. Also, make sure your lash stylist has lots of experience so you know your lashes can have the best retention possible. If you are in Chicago and need a lash stylist, you can book with me here.
  • Research your eye shape and the types of eyelash extensions that are best for your eye shape. I have an article that can help you decide exactly that here.
    Eyelash Extensions Sizes
  • Decide on your choice of lash length.
  • Clean your natural lashes and eye area before your appointment. Clean lashes are important for the lash adhesive to bond well.
  • Remove contact lenses.
  • Do not wear any eye makeup as it’s going to have to come off anyway. It will also be more time consuming to have to remove your makeup during the appointment.
  • Be prepared for your lash appointment to be about an hour and a half to two hours if this is you first appointment for a full set of lash extensions. Also, if your eyelash artist is new it can take even longer so make sure you have enough time blocked out in your day.
  • If you have sensitive eyes, sensitive skin, or any allergies be sure to let your lash technician know so they can decide on the best lash glue and other products to use during your lash application process.
  • Avoid energy drinks, coffee and anything that will make you blink a lot. Blinking too much can cause your eyes to open during your eyelash extension service and that can cause irritation from product getting in your eye.
  • Make sure you purchase all of your aftercare products beforehand so you can treat your beautiful lashes with proper care right away. Here are some things you will need:
    • Oil-free makeup remover as oil-based products can cause your new set to fall out prematurely.
    • Oil free face wash
    • Lash shampoo or oil-free cleanser for your lashes
    • Cleansing brush to use with your lash shampoo
    • Eyelash spoolie to brush your false lashes
    • Oil free eye cream, if you use eye cream

      Oil free makeup removerOil free makeup removerOil free makeup removerOil free face washOil free face washOil free face washLash shampooLash shampooLash shampooOil Free Eye CreamOil Free Eye CreamOil Free Eye Cream

  • Before you leave, make sure you book your appointment for your lash fill. Many lash stylists get booked out pretty far in advance so this isn’t an appointment you want to wait till the last minute to book or you can be stuck with messy lashes.

Now that you made it through your first time at a lash salon, here is the ultimate guide to lash extension aftercare.

Proper lash aftercare gets you better retention and helps you avoid a bacterial infection, so it is important!

I hope this helps!

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How to Prepare for Eyelash Extensions