Eyelash Extensions Sizes: Lash Extension Length Guide


Eyelash Extensions Sizes: Lash Extension Length Guide

Eyelash Extension Sizes, Shapes, and Volume

Volume lashes, J Curl, Strips, Classic extensions – What type of lash extension is right for you? What curl type will look best with your eyes? And more importantly, what shape and size?

Can you pick any kind and pair it with your eye shape and get perfect results? Well, not exactly.

There are a few key eyelash extension details worth looking at.

For starters, what’s nice about eyelash extensions is they enhance the allure of the beauty you already have. But choosing the right type of eyelash extension based off your eye shape, face, and the look you’re going for comes down to eyelash extension size, shape, material, glue and level of skill your lash stylist has.

These details fill the gap between your eye shape and the shape the eyelash extension can create, whether it’s volume lashes, natural eyelashes, a lash strips, or classic lashes. It’s these key details that lead to the final product where your eyelash extensions plump with volume and scream simply gorgeous.

Or maybe your ideal beauty is a bit less voluminous and just longer lashes – either way, the right fit is out there for you. We just need to figure out what it is.

So how do you pick the  perfect eyelash extension type that’s right for you? Is it the volume lashes that give the eyes that kitten pout? Or the beautiful wispy lines that end in a subtle curl at the tip, giving the J Curl that effortlessly natural feel? How about the precisions of delicately attaching a single vegan faux mink lash to a single natural eyelash, extending it longer than nature can?

The short answer is, one of these styles will work perfectly for you or you’ll get some combination of hybrid lash extensions curated to make your overall look lusciously enhanced. But there’s more. Simply looking at a random example of lash extensions and choosing it isn’t always the best way to find what fits you.

Instead, you’ll want to talk to your professional lash artist about it and let her know your end goals so they can go over the best option for your desired look. Then she can provide recommendations that will enhance your eyes in a special way even if it’s slightly different from what you originally thought.

If you want the best experience mixed with the most phenomenal eyelash extensions tailor made for your custom look, then you’ll want to know three important eyelash extension details that will help you get the look that’s right for you.

3 Eyelash Extension Details You Need to Know for Perfect Custom Lashes

Eyelash Extensions Sizes

To keep things simple, here are 3 key eyelash extension details you need to know to get the best custom eyelash extensions to enhance your natural beauty- especially if it’s your first time.

1.       Your eye shape and the eyelash extension shape it pairs with best (for example: almond eyes).

2.       The type of eyelash extension that gives you the look you want (for example: do you want a glamorous look? do you want a more dramatic look? or do you just want classic lash extensions?).

3.       Eyelash extension sizes, diameter, and length can make or break the impact of your eyelash extension look (probably the most important detail). They come in many different sizes and different styles.

Understanding these three things about eyelash extensions will set you up to have an amazing experience and love what you see in the mirror.

Your Eye Shape and the Eyelash Extension Shape It Pairs with Best

When we really get into different eye shapes and understand what type of eyelash extension pairs best with each one, the whole thing becomes simple.

Like pairing a cat-eye eyelash extension shape with your natural almond shaped eyes to enhance the intensity of the shape. The lashes do this by starting out shorter at the inner corner of the eyes then gradually getting longer as the lashes move towards the outer edges of the eyes. It produces a match made in heaven.

A skilled lash technician can look over your natural shape then enhance its lash lengths and lash volume with the right techniques.

Here are some of the most eye-catching duos where we take a natural eye shape and enhance it with just the right type of eyelash extension for a fuller look.

–          The cat eye paired with an almond shaped eye

–          The monolid paired with an “L Curl”

–          The dolly-eye look paired with smaller eyes

–          Close-set eyes with a cat-eye eyelash extensions

–          Large wide-set eyes paired with eyelash extensions that are longer in the center and shorter lashes on the sides.

Eyelash Extension Material

The eye lash extension shape you experience is one aspect of a perfectly curated set, but you also will want to think through what eyelash extensions are made of. There are certain types that vegans or those who are environmentally conscientious will want to steer clear of.

Eyelash extensions are typically made from a variety of different materials. Some of these include mink, faux mink, silk, faux silk, certain types of plastics, and human hair.

Each one provides a different effect, weight, feel, and volume level. Also, consider if you may have an allergic reaction to any of these.

If you’re wondering which kind of eyelash extensions last the longest, this has more to do with the lash technician’s technique and the quality of the glue than it does with the material the eyelash set is made from. The type of material eyelash extensions are made from effects how natural the eyelashes look and feel, but not the longevity of the wear.

When a lash technician applies any type of extension eyelash, they will need to assess your natural lashes first to see which lash extension type will work best for the desired results. Then with care and precision they can curate your look with just the right material.

Eyelash Extension Sizes

Now for the fun part. Eyelash extension sizing is actually an incredible aspect of getting your perfectly curated look. Imagine, if you get lashes with the wrong material, placement, classic when you need hybrid, extension lashes too heavy to overlay on your natural lashes, lash volume etc., the results can turn out less than desirable. But if you get the wrong length, weight, or diameter? That’s when the issue is noticeable. Sizing matters.

That’s why skilled lash technicians use a technique called lash mapping. It’s a strategic way to map out lash extension placement on just the right points along the natural lash line. The “zones” are then used to add in just the right lashes with various lengths, curl patterns, and lash volumes to achieve the desired eye lash shape.

And this is where eyelash art, sizing, and application get complicated. The size of the lash is incredibly important as well as the “build.” Lash technicians must think through the appropriate sizes of the lashes, the angles of the natural lashes that the extension lashes will be resting on, whether the extension lashes should slope up or down, and if there is variation on the natural lashes that require each eye to be treated differently. If the natural lashes and eye shape aren’t carefully analyzed, the results of extension lashes may need correcting.

Length is one of the key details to create various levels of gorgeous drama. There’s a typical range the lashes come in, 5-15 millimeters is standard. The 10-12 mm length tends to be common since the extension lashes can provide a medium level of visual impact between looking natural and looking done up. Lengths 12 mm and above showcase a very dramatic look that’s nothing short of eye-catching but moves slightly away from the “natural” feel.

The length of  eyelash extensions goes hand in hand with the shape or “curl” of the lash itself. The type of bend each lash gently curls with can compliment the length of the eyelash extension and provide different effects on the eyes.

The curl strength varies according to what the desired extension lash look is. It goes from slightest or “straightest” to more dramatic curves, which can give the appearance of a more “open” eye. Here are the various eyelash extension curl types:

1.       J Curl. The curvature is so subtle it’s almost straight at its base then has the slightest curve at its tip. These tend to be good for people wanting a natural look where you almost can’t tell you’re wearing eyelash extensions at all, but they provide enough of an effect to decrease the amount of makeup you feel inclined to wear each day.

2.       B Curl lashes. Similar to the J Curl, but with a slightly stronger bend in it. It’s like the next level up from the J Curl gradually ushering you into the next phase of “bold.”

3.       C Curl. This is where the curve starts to get noticed as the C Curl extension lash is used for clients with a natural curve to their own lashes, or for those who have straight natural lashes but want a bit of a lift.

4.       D Curl lashes. The curve on a D Curl extension lash is strong enough that it begins to open the eyes, giving them a “bigger” look while still keeping it looking natural. Their shape is a half-circle, which gives you an idea of just how curved they really are. They are meant for people wanting a very bold eye lash extension look.

5.       M Curl. The M Curl is great to partner with natural lashes that grow in a downward motion and need a bit of an upwards lift. The effect pulls the shape of the eye upwards towards the outer corners, making it perfect for people with close set eyes who want an elongating effect.

6.       The L Curl and L+. These sport a flat base that melts into a sharp upward curve. They are great for hooded lids and anyone who wants a dramatic look and a stronger curl.

EyeLash Extension Thickness Classic Vs. Volume Extension Lashes

Classic extension lashes are going to provide you with individual lashes that are around .10-.15 mm in thickness. What’s nice about these is they provide a nice full effect while maintaining a natural feel. If you’re wanting something more or less thick, you’ll want to get ones with a smaller or larger diameter depending on which direction you want to go.

Volume lashes on the other hand cater to people wanting that full, voluminous effect. To get the perfect thickness, these lashes tend to be just slightly thicker than the natural lash and hover around .7-.10 mm. By packing them in but making sure they aren’t too heavy, you can achieve an incredible look that lasts up to 6 weeks.