About Lulu Beauty Spa

Lulu Beauty Spa is known to offer the best lash extensions and lash lifts in Chicago.

We also offer amazing facials customized to your exact skin type and concerns. After your facial, you will leave here with a customized skincare routine to keep your skin looking good in between facials.

With top of the line services, high quality products, a relaxing space and experienced technicians, you are guaranteed to leave happy.

If you are interested in learning how to do lashes yourself, we offer lash extension courses to help you start your own lash business.

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Owner / Lead Esthetician / Servicing lash clients since 2014

Servicing lash clients since 2014, Lucy has been a longstanding member of the Chicago beauty community. She remains passionate about perfecting her craft and helping others do the same. Lucy combines her passion for her community, teaching and beauty by focusing on what matters most to each client: providing an individualized spa experience customized to your exact needs and concerns. In addition, she provides lash courses in her neighborhood as a means to give back and empower a new profession of women. Lulu Beauty Spa was only possible because of the long standing client base that has followed her from a single room to a new storefront. Thank you to all the loyal clients.

lulu beauty spa team

Yessy Hernandez

Servicing lash clients since 2018

Yessy has been doing lashes since 2018 and has perfected her craft amazingly. "Beauty was always a passion, but I love lashes the most." Yessy's favorite part of her job is watching the reaction of first time clients after the transformation they see with lashes. "Lashes are magical!"

Rita Roatis

Rita Roatis Register Nurse & Reiki Certified

Rita loves healing, both inside and out. Rita realized that healing is absolutely possible outside of a hospital setting when she discovered Reiki and tuning fork. Rita's Harmonious Healing is now part of Lulu Beauty Spa, providing innovative healing and recovery techniques to help clients improve a holistic and well-balanced life.

Dezaray Martinez

Lab Artist

In a short period of time Dezaray has learned to appreciate working within the beauty industry. It allows her the freedom to be artistic, a huge passion of hers, and also to provide something wonderful to the women who choose to work with her. They always leave feeling and looking better than when they came in, and she gets to add a piece of emotional, mental and physical value back into the world.