How to Take Care of Eyelash Extensions: Top Aftercare Tips


How to Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions: Top Aftercare Tips

How to Take Care of Eyelash Extensions Top Aftercare Tips

Taking good care of your lash extensions is key for lash retention.

The two most important things when getting lashes are:

  1. Choosing an experienced and professional lash technician that uses the best methods for lash extension application along with high quality products.
  2. Proper eyelash extension aftercare.

Your Natural Lashes Still Matter

You want your natural eyelashes and eye area to be clean and healthy before getting eyelash extensions.

Remember, your natural lashes are what hold your lash extensions- so the more lashes you have (and their strength) also contributes to the lifespan of your lashes.

You can use eyelash serums on your lash line to help with strengthening your natural lashes. This will also make your natural eyelashes more luscious, in turn your false lashes will also be even more luscious.

The more natural lashes you have, the more faux lashes you can apply! So, if you want full volume lashes make sure you are also caring for your natural eyelashes.

How to Take Care of Lash Extensions

Once you have your full set of eyelash extensions, proper aftercare is super important. With the right aftercare, your lashes can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks if they were applied by a good lash artist.

The good news is, aftercare is pretty simple and wont add much time to your skincare routine. As someone who has been a lash artist for many years, here are my best tips to take care of eyelash extensions:

  1. An adhesive bond is used to attach the fake eyelashes to the real ones. To avoid premature lash loss, avoid getting your lashes wet for 24 hours after applying them. If you get them wet before the lash adhesive has fully dried, they will start to fall out. If you are someone who works out, here are my top tips for taking care of your eyelashes with an active lifestyle.
  2. Understand that excess oils can break down the lash bond. Yes, even natural oils. So you will want to avoid getting too much oil on your lashes. Therefore, look for oil-free products to use on your face. Using oil-based cleansers or any oil-based products can cause your beautiful lashes to start falling out much sooner than they need to.
  3. Look for oil-free makeup remover if you wear eye makeup. That goes directly on to your eyelashes, so it’s important. I do not recommend makeup wipes because they can tug on your lashes and pull them out. Instead, use a gentle cleanser.
  4. I always recommend gently removing your eye makeup and then using a foaming lash cleanser with a lash cleansing brush to make sure all of the makeup is gone. It is important to keep your lashes clean so you don’t get any infections and so they do not start to break down the strong bond with dirt.
  5. Whether you wear eye makeup or not, you should still be cleaning your lash extensions on a daily basis.
  6. Avoid direct heat on fake lashes. For example, I have a lot of clients who come in for their lash session with burnt eyelashes because they got to close to the oven heat. In this scenario, I recommend turning your face away from the oven when you open it or opening the oven and letting the heat escape a little before letting your lashes get to close to it. It WILL burn the tips of the lashes and they will not look as good as when you left the salon.
  7. Do not use an eyelash curler because that’s really just a great way to pull them out.
  8. If you can, use a silk pillowcase. It’s better for all hair on your body, including lashes.

With these key tips, you can extend the life of your lash extensions and keep them looking fuller longer.

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