Can I Get Eyelash Extensions Wet? Tips on How to Wet Lashes


Can I Get Eyelash Extensions Wet?

Can I Get Eyelash Extensions Wet

Getting your eyelash extensions wet is unavoidable. As a matter of fact, you NEED to wet them.

You cannot keep them clean and complete proper aftercare without wetting your lashes.

Tips on How to Properly Wet Lashes

  1. Wait a 24-48 hour period before wetting your new lash extensions. Wetting your lashes too soon means there will be too much moisture on the fresh lash glue, before the lash extensions have formed a proper bond with your natural lashes. This will cause them to fall off too soon.
  2. This is also why it is important to schedule with an experienced lash technician that uses high quality products. The glue your lash artist uses is also important.
  3. Once your waiting period is over, avoid wetting your lashes with very hot water. Instead, go for lukewarm water.
  4. Keep your eye area as clean as possible so you do not have to use so much water on your gorgeous lashes.
  5. When cleaning your lashes, make sure you use a lash cleaning brush so that you are not accidentally pulling your lashes out with a towel or over-saturating them.

How to Shower with Eyelash Extensions

Working with a lash professional will ensure that they are using lash extension adhesives that are perfectly fine with water.

Again, make sure you are waiting for the adhesive bond to fully set before wetting them at all. But, once it is set, you are fine to wet them and even should wet them to keep them clean and avoid allergic reactions.

What you will want to avoid is letting the water get too hot as excessive heat can ruin the bond. Lukewarm showers are safest.

Also, do not stand directly under the water with it hitting your lashes for a long period of time. If you have a very strong shower jet, be careful with it hitting your lashes directly as the strong water pressure can weaken the bond.

I always recommend cleansing your lashes outside of the shower so you can be gentle with them. Having a lash extensions aftercare kit in your bathroom is a great way to keep your lash care separate from everything else.

How to Remove Makeup Products from Lash Extensions

How to Remove Makeup Products from Lash Extensions

Using oil-based products on your sparkly new set of gorgeous lash extensions is much worse than wetting them!

If you wear eye makeup often, you will want to avoid any excess oil as it will destroy the lash glue bond and cause lashes to fall out prematurely. Many people still use oil based makeup removers, so check yours before cleansing.

You will want to use an oil-free makeup remover like this one. Also, make sure you are using a lash brush to cleanse the lashes and not a towel or cotton balls that will snag on the lashes and pull them out.

Oil Free Makeup RemoverOil Free Makeup RemoverOil Free Makeup RemoverOil Free Makeup RemoverOil Free Makeup RemoverOil Free Makeup RemoverMicellar WaterMicellar WaterMicellar Water

It’s always a good idea to clean your eye area very well and not wear any makeup the day of your lash appointment. That way you will not have to worry about wetting them for the first 24-48 hours.

Wetting your Lash Extensions Recap:

If you want your new lashes to last as long as possible, the most important thing is to not get them wet during their curing period.

If your lash spa doesn’t give you a eyelash aftercare kit, the good news is you can easily get one delivered right to you. These make sure you have everything you need to avoid getting excess water on your lashes and to make sure you have an appropriate lash cleanser.

Lash Cleansing KitLash Cleansing KitLash Cleansing Kit

If you sweat a lot, make sure you check out my complete guide on how to exercise without ruining your lashes.

Also, avoid any oil-based cleansers because they can break down a strong bond and cause lash loss. Same goes for eye creams.

As long as you follow all of these tips, you can expect your new eyelash extensions to stay full as long as possible!

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