6 Must-Have Tools for Beginning Eyelash Extension Artists


Must-Have Tools for Beginning Eyelash Extension Artists 

Just starting out in a new beauty industry doesn’t have to feel intimidating when you know who to turn to. That’s why we at Lulu Beauty Spa want to offer you 6 of the best tools for beginning eyelash extension artists that will propel your career forward, without breaking the bank now. 

We’ve got you covered, seriously. Not just with great tools and products, but with actual care. 

Believe it or not, every eyelash extension professional was once a beginner too.

And we remember. Everything from getting the right eyelash extension tools to starting a lash artist business to learning the ins and outs of eyelash extension marketing can feel overwhelming. 

The last thing we want you to experience is choice paralysis after your eyes glaze over from looking at a million different product-related internet options that algorithms chose for you, instead of a business insider who really gets it, and gets you. 

As lash artist professionals seasoned in the bizz, we’ve learned a few tips and tricks that we wish someone had shared with us in our earlier days. But while our own trial and error eventually paid off, your experience can be all knowledge without so much stress. You know what they say, work smart not hard.   

For us, getting to pay that forward is a way for us to connect with you on your journey and provide the support you may need and crave. For you, you get to experience the benefits of great eyelash extension tools right from the get-go, propelling your business into success just that much faster.  

So let’s get into it.

6 of the best Must-Have Eyelash Extension Tools for Beginning Eyelash Extension Artists

1. Gobs of Swabs

Gobs of swabs for the globs of debris and bacteria – making sure your client’s natural lashes stay free from them. 

These tidy little swabs are perfect for detailing the client’s natural eyelashes with a primer to prep the natural lashes for the eyelash extension application. 

It might seem like a swab is a swab is a swab is a swab, but! This is not the case. 

The reason we recommend these swabs specifically is because they are so small. The size of the swab matters and by using a micro-swab, you gain more control over the small area you’re working on as well as control the amount of alcohol from the primer that’s soaked into the head of the swab. In this case, less is more as too much doesn’t help the eye or eyelashes during the cleansing portion of the eyelash extension application. 

2. The Fan Glue Cup

fan glue cup Must-Have Eyelash Extension Tools for Beginning Eyelash Extension Artists

Keeping yourself organized when working with very tiny and sticky lashes is incredibly important. 

The Fan Glue Cup is a small tool that offers huge benefits. It has a small well in the center to keep the eyelash glue contained while you work. On the outer rim of the dish there are V-shaped divots that can hold the eyelash extensions once they’ve been dipped (Lucy please double check if this is right), keeping them from sticking to the wrong things. By using this small, but significant device nearby, your work stays clean and perfect so your client’s eyelash extensions can too. 

3. Greenlife Hydrogel Eye Patches 

eye patches Must-Have Eyelash Extension Tools for Beginning Eyelash Extension Artists

These all natural under eye patches are incredible. Infused with Aloe vera and Collagen, your skin gets nourished and tightened while the eyelash application stays effortless, comfortable, and safe. 

Eyelash extension clients rave about the comfortable removal process once these skin-nourishing patches are removed without pain. They come individually wrapped and are packaged in aseptic conditions so your skin stays free and clear. 

There are so many functions these patches perform, but one of the most notable is their ability to hold down the lower lashes on any eye shape. During the eyelash extension application, having a tool that can separate the bottom lashes from the upper( please check for accuracy) lashes is beyond helpful for a clean application.   


4. Lash Cluster Crystal Glass Eyelash Tray 

eyelash tray Must-Have Eyelash Extension Tools for Beginning Eyelash Extension Artists

It’s as pretty as it is functional. The Lash Clusters Extension Tray provides organization that compliments the impact of the Fan Glue Cup. 

It has a clearly printed measurement scale so you can keep your different length lashes separate during the eyelash extension application process. This helps when doing a blended application using various lengths to create eyelash fans with beautiful volume and length. 

It also contains a space for the Fan Glue Cup to sit securely. Having everything in one spot can streamline your process and decrease application time, which just means more profit in your margins. 

5. Lashview Lash Bonder

lash bonder Must-Have Eyelash Extension Tools for Beginning Eyelash Extension Artists

How many times have you read a lash bonder description only to read just one more and still feel confused? Strain your eyes on reading labels no more! We have the perfect bonder for you. 

The Lashview Bonder stands out for a few reasons. It reduces the amount of fumes that are given off, keeping sensitive noses and eyes happy. This bonder smooths the surface of the lashes so that the adhesive can cure without a waiting time. Where it used to take 24 hours for lashes to cure, this bonder has a curing time of 3 minutes. 

It’s waterproof, can resist even the oiliest of oils, and maintains its strong bond even in the midst of sweating pores. 

6. Pure Acetone

pure acetone Must-Have Eyelash Extension Tools for Beginning Eyelash Extension Artists

There’s nothing more important than clean tools and a clean environment for every client to experience. Pure Acetone is a great cleanser for eyelash extension tools, but especially tweezers. It’s important to clean tweezers between every client application to remove the chances of spreading bacteria and anything else we don’t want passed from client to client. 

Pure Acetone is an affordable and effective way to keep your instruments clean before, after and during every eyelash extension application.