DIY Eyelash Extensions: How to Lash from Home


DIY Eyelash Extensions: How to Lash from Home

DIY Eyelash Extensions

Looking to achieve those alluring, fluttery lashes without a trip to the salon? With a few tools, some patience, and a steady hand, you can apply your own false lashes at home.

From individual lashes to strips and clusters, we’ll guide you through the process, including the choice between magnetic lashes and traditional adhesives.

Ready to elevate your eye game? Let’s get started!

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What You’ll Need for DIY Lashes:

*** You can also purchase an at-home lash extensions starter kit.

DIY Lash KitDIY Lash KitDIY Lash KitLash Application MirrorLash Application MirrorLash Application MirrorLash ApplicatorLash ApplicatorLash ApplicatorLash CombLash CombLash Comb

The Lash Line-Up:

DIY Eyelash Extensions

  • Individual Lashes: For a natural look and customizable fullness.
  • Strip Lashes: The classic choice for a dramatic lash style that’s easier to apply.
  • Lash Clusters: A middle ground between individual lashes and strips, offering more volume than individual lashes but more customization than strips.
  • Magnetic Lashes: A great alternative that requires no adhesive and is generally easier to apply and remove.

Step by Step Guide:

DIY Eyelash Extensions

1. Prep Your Lashes:

Before you begin, make sure your lashes and eye area are clean, oil-free, and dry. If you like, you can gently curl your natural lashes for a seamless blend with the extensions.

2. Choose Your Lashes:

Decide whether you’re going for a natural or bold look. Pick individual lashes or clusters for a tailored appearance, or opt for strip lashes for more drama. There are a ton of different styles and different sizes, so make sure to decide which one you’re going for before beginning.

3. Apply Adhesive:

For traditional lashes, apply a thin layer of lash glue to the lash band of the strip, or dip the base of individual lashes or clusters into the adhesive. You do not want to use too much glue. Wait a few seconds for the glue to become tacky.

4. Mirror Placement:

Place a mirror below your face to get a clear view of your lash line. This is the best way to see where you will place the lashes.

5. Lash Application:

Using tweezers, gently place the lash strip or individual lashes onto your natural lash line. Start from the outer corner when using a strip falsie, or work your way inwards to the inner corners with individuals or clusters.

6. Adjust Before the Glue Sets:

After placing them, you have a short window to adjust the lashes before the glue sets. Use the tweezers to nudge and align them to the perfect position.

7. Magnetic Lashes:

For magnetic lashes, simply apply the magnetic liner to your eyelid as you would with liquid eyeliner. Wait for it to dry, and then apply the magnetic lashes along the liner.

8. Comb Through:

Once the glue has dried or the magnetic lashes are set, you can use a lash comb to gently integrate and arrange your extensions for a flawless finish and full lash look.

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Tips and Tricks:

  • If it’s your first time, practice with cheaper lashes first can save you some frustration (and money) as you refine your technique.
  • If using adhesive, opt for a clear-drying formula for a more forgiving application. Black adhesive can offer a liner-like effect but requires a steadier hand.
  • Always trim strip lashes to match the width of your eyelids for a natural-looking fit.
  • To remove lashes, never pull them off. Use a dedicated lash glue remover or gently use oil-based makeup remover.
  • Do not pull the false lashes as they will also pull out your natural eyelashes.
  • For best results and a long-lasting look, be sure to use high quality products. Especially the bond products.
  • Do not use makeup remover oil as that will ruin the bond and  make the lashes fall out sooner.
  • If you have sensitive eyes, make sure to buy a bond that is specifically for sensitive eyes.

With the right approach, DIY eyelash extensions can be a fun and creative way to enhance your eyes without the salon price tag. Whether you prefer the traditional method with adhesive or the innovative approach with magnetic lashes, there’s an option that fits your style and comfort level. You can also buy DIY lash kits to make it easier.

Remember, practice makes perfect! Don’t get discouraged if your first attempt isn’t flawless; even the pros had to start somewhere. Take your time, follow these steps, and with a bit of practice, you’ll be lashing like a pro in the comfort of your own home.

Enjoy your new luscious, long lashes! DIY eyelash extensions not only add volume and drama to your look but also a boost of confidence to your day!