Lymphatic drainage facial:

What You Need to Know

What it does:

A lymphatic facial helps to promote the natural detoxification of the skin by aiding in the drainage of excess fluid from tissues.

In addition to helping to reduce puffiness and swelling, a lymphatic facial massage can also help improve circulation in the face and even out skin tone. By increasing blood flow and boosting nutrient absorption, it can help encourage healthy cell regeneration for a more youthful complexion.


– Improved skin tone, texture, and firmness for all skin types – Increased hydration levels and improvement in dull complexion – Reduced inflammation and puffiness in cheeks and eye area

More Benefits:

– Relief from stress, tension and tension headaches, insomnia or fatigue – Enhanced overall sense of relaxation and well-being. – Reduces the appearance of fine lines. – Can help boost energy levels due to increased oxygenation in tissues

Who is it good for?

A lymphatic drainage facial is ideal for those who are looking to improve the tone, texture, firmness, and overall complexion of their skin.

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