How to get a Lash License & Certification in Illinois

Lucylu Lash Academy

1. Complete a Cosmetology or Esthetic Program: The first step to becoming a licensed lash artist in Illinois is completing a state-approved program in cosmetology or esthetics. The state requires a minimum of 750 hours of training for esthetics and 1,500 hours for cosmetology.

Pass the State Licensing Exam: After completing the required training, you must pass a two-part state licensing exam. This test includes both written (theory) and practical (hands-on) components to evaluate your technical skills and knowledge about health and safety regulations.

Enroll in a Lash Extension Course

Complete the Course and Earn Your Certification Diligently go through the course, practice your skills, and absorb as much knowledge as you can. After completing the course and demonstrating your proficiency in applying eyelash extensions, you will receive your lash certification.

 Apply for a Lash Specialty License Once you have your cosmetology or esthetician license and your lash certification, you can apply for a lash specialty license in Illinois. This involves submitting your documentation to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation and paying the applicable fees.

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