Can You Get Lash Certified in Chicago? Extension Training IL

Lucylu Lash Academy

Absolutely yes, you can get lash certified in the vibrant city of Chicago! Imagine yourself as a skilled lash stylist, transforming the looks of clients and boosting their confidence with every lash extension you apply. This could easily be your reality in the Chicago area.

First and foremost, it’s important to know that before you can dive into the world of lashes, you need to become a licensed esthetician.

Then, you can begin your lashing journey! We're here to help you the whole way.

Enroll yourself in a lash certification course – of course, we recommend Lucylu Lash Academy for the best training. Here, you will learn everything from the basic anatomy of the eye and lashes, to the artistry of lash application, and even the business aspect of running your own lash business.

Once you’ve completed the course, you need to pass the examination to get your certification. This is your ticket to officially starting your career as a lash stylist.

Call or text us at  773-870-2816 to start your lashing journey stress free with our step by step guidance!