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Master the Art of Lash Extensions at Chicago's Premier Lash Academy!

Welcome to LucyLu Lash Academy, the ultimate destination for anyone striving to perfect the skill of lash extensions and build a prosperous career in this dynamic field.

As Chicago's Premier Lash Academy, we take pride in shaping the future of lash artistry, nurturing talents and turning novices into professionals. Our academy's top-tier lash extension courses are meticulously designed to equip you with the most advanced techniques and industry secrets.

But the learning doesn't stop at techniques. With us, you get a lifetime mentor, a master lash artist at the helm of her own successful lash empire, Lulu Beauty Spa.

Beyond mastering the art, we realize the importance of marketing in the success of your business. Our detailed marketing guidance is designed to help you carve your niche and grow your lash business exponentially.

Come and join us at LucyLu Lash Academy, where your future as a lash artist begins. We are not just a lash academy; we are a community that empowers you, supports you, and champions your success.

best Volume Lash Extension Course

LucyLu Lash Academy Courses

the best classic lash extensions course in chicago

Classic Lash Extension Course: Your First Step to Becoming a Lash Artist

Embark on your exciting journey in the lash industry with our Classic Lash Extension Course.   The course is meticulously curated to provide comprehensive training in the fundamentals of lash extensions. You won't just learn – you'll master the art of applying flawless classic lash extensions under the guidance of our experienced lash artists.   This course is perfect for beginners, offering an intuitive, hands-on approach that will allow you to build confidence and hone your skills at your own pace.   And remember, our commitment to your success doesn't end when the course does. As a student of LucyLu Lash Academy, you will always have access to mentorship from our master lash artist and marketing guidance to help you build your very own lash empire.   So why wait? Turn your passion into a career today with Chicago's Premier Lash Academy.

Volume Lash Extension Course: Elevate Your Lash Game

Step up your lash artistry with our Volume Lash Extension Course.   This course is specifically designed for aspiring lash artists who want to elevate their skills and delve into the more advanced techniques of volume lashing.   We provide a deep dive into the world of multi-lash pickup, fan creation, and precise application, all under the watchful eyes of our master lash artists.   This course ensures that you develop the proficiency to create fuller, more voluminous lashes that your clients will love.   As with all courses at LucyLu Lash Academy, you'll continue to receive the invaluable support of a lifetime mentor and our detailed business marketing guidance.   This isn't just about mastering a new skill; it's about pushing boundaries, exceeding expectations, and building a thriving lash business.   Ready to redefine your lash artistry? Join us at LucyLu Lash Academy, Chicago's Premier Lash Academy. Your next career milestone awaits.
the best volume lash extensions course in chicago

Lash Lift and Tint Course: Unleash Your Artistry

Discover the art and science of lash lift and tint with our comprehensive course tailored to your artistic ambitions.   At LucyLu Lash Academy, we're all about empowering our students with skills that can set them apart.   This course delves into the fundamentals of lash lifting and tinting, teaching you how to enhance natural lashes subtly, yet effectively.   Master the technique of creating eye-catching, curled lashes that offer lasting impact without the need for lash extensions.   Our meticulous approach ensures you learn not just the practical aspects, but also the theoretical knowledge needed to make the best decisions for your clients.   As always, LucyLu Lash Academy provides lifetime mentorship from our master lash artists and detailed marketing guidance, equipping you with the tools to transform your passion into a successful business.   Join us and take your first steps towards becoming a sought-after lash artist in Chicago's Premier Lash Academy.

Refresher Course: Enhance Your Mastery

At LucyLu Lash Academy, we recognize that even seasoned lash artists need to revisit and refine their skills from time to time.   Our Refresher Course is specifically designed to address this need, offering you a unique opportunity to revitalize your technique and stay on top of the latest industry trends.   Step back into the stimulating environment of Chicago's Premier Lash Academy and immerse yourself in a learning experience that pushes you beyond your current capabilities.   You'll have the chance to rectify any challenging areas, fine-tune your approach, and elevate your lash artistry to a whole new level. As with every course at LucyLu Lash Academy, you'll benefit from the expertise of our master lash artists providing lifetime mentorship and comprehensive marketing guidance.   Reinvigorate your passion for lash artistry and emerge as a stronger, more confident lash artist. It's time to elevate your craft and your business. Join us at LucyLu Lash Academy.
the best volume lash extensions course in chicago

Lifetime Mentorship: Your Path to Success

At LucyLu Lash Academy, we believe in the power of mentorship and continuous learning. As part of all our courses, we provide a unique benefit - lifetime mentorship from our master lash artist.   You will have access to an experienced professional who has built a successful lash empire, and is eager to share her personal journey, insights, and expertise with our students.   This mentorship is not just about enhancing your lash application skills, but it's about instilling business acumen, necessary for the growth of your lash enterprise.   She can guide you through various stages of your career, helping you navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and stay updated with the latest industry trends.   With this one-of-a-kind mentorship program at Chicago's Premier Lash Academy, you're not just honing your craft, you're building a solid foundation for a thriving lash business.   At LucyLu Lash Academy, we ensure that our students learn from the best to become the best.

Comprehensive Marketing Guidance: Propel Your Lash Business

lash it up marketing guide cover
At LucyLu Lash Academy, we don't just teach you the skills to become a proficient lash artist — we empower you to become a successful business owner. Our lash extension courses are paired with a comprehensive marketing guidance program that sets us apart as Chicago's Premier Lash Academy. This program is designed to provide you with the necessary marketing tools and strategies to effectively grow and sustain your lash business. From brand positioning and social media promotion to client relationships management and retention strategies, our marketing guidance covers all crucial aspects of business marketing in today's digital age. We help you understand your target audience, design compelling service offerings, and craft impactful advertising strategies that resonate with your potential clients. In addition, we provide insights into the latest industry trends and consumer behavior patterns, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition. At LucyLu Lash Academy, our goal is to ensure that every student not only becomes a talented lash artist but also a successful lash business entrepreneur. The path to lash artistry greatness starts here.

About Us: Meet the Team Behind LucyLu Lash Academy

At the heart of LucyLu Lash Academy is an accomplished team led by Lucy Turkewitz, a master lash artist who has built her own successful lash empire, Lulu Beauty Spa. Lucy's passion and expertise have been the driving force behind our academy, transforming it into Chicago's Premier Lash Academy. She is a seasoned professional holding vast experience in the field of lash artistry and business entrepreneurship.

Lulu Beauty Spa, Lucy's testament to success, is an epitome of excellence in the lash industry. It is renowned for delivering unparalleled lash services that beautify and empower women. It's this ethos of empowerment and beauty that Lucy brings to the Academy. Her commitment to quality education and mentorship ensures every student at LucyLu Lash Academy receives personalized guidance, fostering their growth as both skilled artists and successful business owners.

Join us at LucyLu Lash Academy to learn from the very best and become a part of a thriving community of lash artists. Lucy and her team are excited to share their knowledge, passion, and experience with you as you begin your journey in the lash industry.

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To begin your enrollment process at Chicago's Premier Lash Academy, LucyLu Lash Academy, reach out to us via text or call us directly at (773) 870-2816. Our friendly staff will guide you through the enrollment process, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience. We also have payment plans available!

Remember, at LucyLu Lash Academy, you are not just enrolling for a course - you are embarking on a journey towards mastering a craft, establishing a business, and making a positive impact in the lives of your future clientele. Join us, and let's create something beautiful together!

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