Best Eyelash Extensions Styles for Different Eye Shapes


Best Eyelash Extensions Styles for Different Eye Shapes

Best Eyelash Extensions Styles for Different Eye Shapes

Are you considering enhancing your natural lashes with extensions but unsure which style to choose?

Fret not! The world of eyelash extensions is as diverse as the shape of your eyes. Whether your eyes are round, almond, or monolid, there’s a perfect lash style that can accentuate your particular eye shape and beautiful gaze.

From the sultry Cat-Eye style to the dramatic Mega Volume, and the versatile Y-Set, we’re going to explore the different eyelash extensions styles.

This guide will help you understand which style best complements your unique, natural eye shape, ensuring your lash extensions not only look stunning but also feel comfortable. So, get ready to bat those lashes with confidence!

P.S: If you are in Chicago and want a lash stylist to help you find the perfect style to help you enhance your natural eyelashes, we have an experienced lash technician ready to help you. Just call or text us at 773-870-2816 and we will get you going.

Understanding Eye Shapes

Best Eyelash Extensions Styles for Different Eye Shapes

Just like snowflakes, no two eyes are exactly the same! Let’s look at the different shapes eyes can have:

Round Eyes: Imagine a perfect circle. Now, what if you had that kind of shape in your eyes? That’s what we call round eyes! They are fully open, bright, and you can see a lot of the colorful part (the iris).

Almond Eyes: Picture an almond. That’s exactly how almond-shaped eyes are shaped! They’re a little bit pointy at the ends and wide in the middle. It’s like your eyes are smiling all the time!

Monolid Eyes: These eyes are like a smooth, flat canvas. They’re called monolid because they don’t have that little fold (the crease) on the upper eyelid. It’s just one smooth lid from bottom to top.

Deep-Set Eyes: Deep set eyes are characterized by more prominent brow bones and deeper indentations in the eye socket area. This gives the eyes a more sunken, yet pronounced look. It’s like your eyes have their own natural drama, which can be wonderfully highlighted with the right eyelash extensions.

Wide-Set Eyes: If the space between your eyes is more than the width of one of your eyes, you have what’s considered wide-set eyes. This eye shape gives a youthful, innocent look and leaves plenty of lid space to play with when it comes to lash extensions. Opting for voluminous styles or those that fan out towards the outer edge can create the illusion of closer-set eyes, adding an enchanting allure to your gaze.

Downturned Eyes: With a slight drop at the outer corners, downturned eyes possess a unique, somewhat melancholic charm. This shape tends to make the eyes look elongated and gives them a distinctive allure. The perfect eyelash extensions for this eye shape would be those that lift the eyes up and out, creating a cat-eye effect. This style of extensions can provide an illusion of uplifted eye corners, lending a more balanced look and a dash of sultry appeal to your overall gaze.

Now, isn’t that neat? Just like how everybody’s different, every eye is different too!

Overview of the Best Eyelash Extension Styles

Best Eyelash Extensions Styles for Different Eye Shapes

Just like we have different kinds of shoes for different occasions, there are different styles of eyelash extensions for different looks. A lash artist is really an artist that puts it all together! Let’s imagine the different lash styles as different creatures in a magical forest:

  • Cat Eye: Picture a sleek, mysterious cat prowling in the night. Cat Eye lashes are just like that! They’re shorter at the inner corners of your eyes and longer at the outer edges, giving you a mysterious and sultry look, just like our feline friends! The cat eye is an extremely popular lash look.
  • Doll Eye: Imagine a wide-eyed doll with perfectly even lashes. That’s what Doll Eye lashes look like! They’re longer in the middle, which makes your eyes look bigger and rounder, just like a cute doll. These definitely make your eyes pop.
  • Mega Volume: Think about a grand peacock flashing its feathers. Mega Volume lashes give you that eye-catching, full-feathered look! They’re super dense and voluminous, perfect when you want to be the star of the show. If you want a more dramatic look, volume lash extensions are the way to go.
  • Y-Set: Picture a tree with branches spreading out. That’s what Y-Set lashes are like! They’re split into two at the end, giving your lashes a fuller and fluffier look, just like a beautiful, wide-branched tree.

Isn’t that fun? It’s like dressing up your eyes for a grand party, and you get to decide what costume your eyes will wear! Whether you want a more natural look or a voluminous look, there is a look for everyone.

Matchmaking: Picking the Right Eyelash Extensions Styles for Different Eye Shapes

Let’s think of this like finding the perfect dance partner for a magical ball! Each eye shape has its perfect eyelash extension style partner that makes them shine:

  • Round Eyes: Round eyes are like bright, full moons, and they pair best with the Cat Eye style. This style of lash extends the outer corners of the eyes, creating a mesmerizing elongated look that balances out the roundness. It’s like giving the moon sleek wings to fly!
  • Almond Eyes: Almond eyes are like beautiful, exotic almonds, and they dance smoothly with the Doll Eye style. This style emphasizes the center of the eye, making them appear even more almond-shaped. Imagine an almond getting a little taller, that’s what it does!
  • Monolid Eyes: Monolid eyes are like a clear, calm lake, and they get along superbly with the Mega Volume style. This gives them an ultra-fluffy look, creating an illusion of depth. Picture throwing pebbles into a lake and creating beautiful ripples, that’s the effect!
  • Deep Set Eyes: Deep set eyes are like hidden gems in a cave, and they sparkle with the Y-Set style. This style opens up the eye, bringing those gems forward and illuminating their beauty. It’s like lighting up a torch in a dark cave and revealing the treasures inside!

Remember, every eye is unique and beautiful, and the perfect lash style can make them dance with joy at the ball! Just like how a great dance partner makes you shine on the dance floor, the right eyelash extension style can highlight the natural beauty of your eyes and make them truly stand out.

Ready to find the perfect dance partner for your eyes? At Lulu Beauty Spa, our skilled stylists are ready to create an enchanting look that matches the unique beauty of your eye shape.

With us, you’re not just getting eyelash extensions; you’re getting a personalized style that’s tailored to enhance your natural features.

Don’t wait for the next magical ball to come around! Book your appointment today and let us match you with your perfect eyelash extensions style. Let your eyes dance, shine, and captivate like never before with Lulu Beauty Spa.