Extension to the Next Level: Refine & Upgrade Your Skills


Extension to the Next Level: Refine & Upgrade Your Skills!

Join us in Chicago for a one-day, intensive eyelash extension refresher course designed specifically for artists looking to elevate their lashing game!

If you’re still encountering challenges with your application process or aspiring to enhance your clients’ experience, this course is for you.

Tailored to suit your individual needs, our course will revitalize your skills, introduce you to our favorite products, and teach you the secrets to building a loyal client base. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your lashing skills to new heights!

About the Course:

Extension to the Next Level: Refine & Upgrade Your Skills

The beauty of this one-day intensive refresher course lies in its compact, yet comprehensive format. Designed to maximize learning and skill enrichment within six hours, it provides an efficient yet thorough approach to resetting your lash application techniques.

This is the best eyelash extension refresher course Chicago has to offer!

Attendees gain the opportunity to dive deep into advanced lashing strategies, with a highly experienced master lash artist, without the commitment of a prolonged course.

This focused immersion allows for immediate application and quick results, transforming your lashing game and client satisfaction in just a day!

Who is this class for?

This immersive course is specifically designed for eyelash extension artists who are dedicated to refining their skills and enhancing their clients’ experience.

Whether you’re struggling with application techniques or eager to take your lashing proficiency to the next level, this tailored program is for you.

It’s perfect for artists who have previously undertaken training but are finding roadblocks in their practice, as well as for those who are seeking innovative ways to heighten client satisfaction and build their lash empire.

So, if you’re passionate about providing top-notch service and committed to continuously improving your craft, this one-day intensive refresher course is just the stepping stone you need to elevate your career.

Course Content:

  • 1:1 learning catered to your needs
  • Live model observation
  • We will go over the best products to use for high quality results
  • How to build your clientele and ensure returning clientsKIT NOT INCLUDED: This training is intended for experienced artist who need further assistance.
    ADD ON: Full professional kit available at an additional cost

Location and Time:

  • 1 day, 6 hours
  • Call or text 773-870-2816 to schedule a day and time that works for you
  • Location: Lulu Beauty Spa Chicago, 549 W Fullerton Ave Chicago, IL 60647

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to redefine your lashing skills and escalate your clients’ experience to a new level.

Remember, the key to success in the beauty industry lies in continuous learning and adaptation to emerging techniques.

This one-day intensive course is your chance to remove any lingering obstacles, refresh your approach, and deliver exceptional service.

So, if you dream of a thriving career in eyelash extensions and making your clients fall in love with their lashes every single time, this course is your ticket.

To secure your spot, call or text us now at 773-870-2816. Join us in Chicago and reinvigorate your lashing game!

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